Canadian Initiative for Elder Planning Studies is pleased to be partnered with the following Universities, Colleges and Corporations across Canada.  They play a large part in the distribution of the Elder Planning Counselor Designation program, as well as provide an added value for all EPC Designation Holders  


CIEPS & the EPC Designation program have now added these partnerships for you.

Upon successful completion of your EPC Designation, you are entitled to access the following EPC Member benefits to help you grow your businesses.

You can now add the CEA Designation to your EPC and enjoy a $200 reduction in the cost of tuition. 

The CEA program will provide you with the practical knowledge needed to engage executors and help with their counseling needs. Becoming a CEA also gives you a professional listing in the national ‘Find A CEA’ directory, where the public and other CEA professionals working with executors are searching for your counseling services. REGISTER TODAY.

The Certified Executor Advisor (CEA) designation program is an on-line curriculum designed to provide candidates with a practical level of knowledge covering all issues executors may face in the course of their duties.  Empowering dialogue prior to death with those who have both risk and vested legal responsibilities creates significant planning opportunities.

Designed for the 17 professions executors may turn to in the course of their duties, it provides a high-level understanding of how each of the other 16 can assist the executor / executrix / estate trustee / liquidator.

Benefits for Canadians:

CICEA provides executors and their testator parents with a network of certified professionals; specialists in their own discipline with a broad knowledge of all related fields.  CEAs have the skills to provide general direction, professional services within their capacity, and guidance – away from potential pitfalls and toward necessary relevant professional expertise.

Benefits for CEA Candidates:

Candidates will benefit by learning the practical elements important to executors, the most trusted and influential people in their testator parents’ lives.  Executors’ vested interests, legal responsibilities and key relationships make them essential conduits in the estate planning process. CEAs can engage in the critical discussions needed to uncover challenges and discover significant opportunities, such as how to:

  • Demonstrate value to new clients, like accountants who prepare up to six returns in estate situations, and show tax is not a DIY project

  • Substantially, effectively and imminently increase AUM

  • Add value, such as planned giving officers who connect with next-generation donors but reveal current-gen gift planning opportunities

  • Significantly increase permanent life insurance sales Identify expertise, in law, trust, and corporate executor fields, which can often confuse average Canadian executors looking for help

  • Tap into a stunningly efficient referral process and network

As a CIEPS member, you're now able to take advantage of a preferred price on the Certified Executor Advisor (CEA) designation program, now only $1,295 after a $200 discount.

View the information contained on the PDF to find out more and…

REGISTER TODAY and enter the special code – CIEPS to save $200 immediately.

CEA Snapshot




FREE 1 year membership for EPC members in good standing.  Further renewals will be at a very special discounted pricing model.

“Federal and provincial governments need to hear from Canadians on policies and legislation that sooner or later affect us all. C.A.R.P. ensures that older Canadians’ voices are heard in Parliament and that vital political promises are made and kept.”- …Moses Znaimer, C.A.R.P. President

C.A.R.P.- A New Vision of Aging is Canada’s largest advocacy association for older Canadians promoting equitable access to health care, financial security, and freedom from ageism. Backed by more than 320,000 members, C.A.R.P. is a non-partisan association committed to working with all parties in government to advocate for older Canadians. Our mission is to advocate for better healthcare, financial security, and freedom from ageism. C.A.R.P. members engage in polls and petitions, email their elected representatives, connect with local chapters and share stories and opinions on urgent issues.

C.A.R.P. membership support creates major changes in government policies and protects the dignity of Canadians as we age.

GET your FREE 1 YEAR CARP Membership today!.  Simply fill in the form here - EPC/CARP FREE Membership Offer and begin to enjoy all the benefits that C.A.R.P has to offer you and your clients.

View all the information here - CARP and get your FREE 1 year membership today.


Contact one of the following in your area to find out more about the EPC Designation program.  

British Columbia Classes provided by Ashton College

For full details on these classes or to enroll for Distance Learning contact:

Ashton College
1190 Melville Street, Room 410
Vancouver, BC Canada
V6E 3W1

Attention: Perry Gross

Phone: 604-628-5784
Toll Free: 844-628-5784
Fax: 604-899-0830
E-mail: admissions@ashtoncollege.ca


Ontario Classes provided by
Canadian Initiative for Elder Planning Studies

For full details on these classes or to enroll for Distance Learning contact:

Alex Nicholson
Canadian Initiative for Elder Planning Studies
4438 Ontario Street, Suite 203
Beamsville, ON L0R 1B5

Toll Free – 855-882-3427

E-mail: registrar@cieps.com


Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan Classes provided by:  

For full details on these classes or to enroll for Distance Learning contact:

Business Career College
9090 51 Ave
Edmonton, AB 
T6E 5X4

Attention: Blake Linklater
Toll Free: 877-934-5577
Toll Free Fax: 866-379-8025

E-mail: blake.linklater@weknowtraining.ca 


Western Canada Classes provided by:  

For full details on these classes or to enroll for Distance Learning contact:

Stellar Business Career Institute
The Lincoln / 2nd FloorA16  638 11 Avenue Southwest (S.W)
Calgary, AB T2R 0E2

Attention: Maria Dahilog
Phone:587-779 8348  
E-mail: maedahilog.epc@gmail.com

Canadian Initiative for Elder Planning Studies Inc.
203-4438 Ontario Street

Beamsville, ON L0R1B5

Toll Free Phone 855-882-3427  Toll Free Fax 866 209-5111

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