The Canadian Initiative for Elder Planning Studies is Now Accepting Sponsorship Opportunities for the 2024 Elder Planning Issues Conferences (EPIC)

We are holding our 2024 "LIVE" Elder Planning Issues Conference (EPIC) in VANCOUVER, BC on April 16, 2024, EDMONTON, AB on April 18, 2024 & NIAGARA FALLS, ON June 2-4, 2024. 

You can view all the details about the EPICs here -  2024 EPIC Information as they get updated.   

If you provide products, services or concepts that would appeal to our aging landscape, or if you just want exposure in the "aging" market, then this is the conference that you should be a part of. 

These conferences have been attended by Financial Advisors, Healthcare workers & other Professionals in addition to the general public who are looking for information and ideas on how to deal with elder issues for their aging clients, prospects, patients and customers.


Our 2024 Theme is "Prescription or Diagnosis: where is your focus?"

A prospect, client, patient, or family member has an initial conversation with you and begins explaining their situation, and you think to yourself: "I know that problem well... I've heard it hundreds of times before. I'm confident in precisely what I need to do to get to the solution."  

It often feels easier to pitch the solution, because you instinctively know how to solve the problem or gap, given your years of experience and expertise.

There is no deep dive into the client's issues. You ask some basic fact-finding questions about the problem, then start your process to move the client to the solution.

While, it all seems fine in your mind, at the end of the meeting, they become indecisive. They don't say "yes" and may become disinterested.  

Why isn't your prospect or client buying your confidence that you can solve their problem? 

Because they're not judging you based on your confidence in your solution, they're judging you based on how much they feel you understand them.


The 2024 National Elder Planning Issues Conference Sponsorship Opportunity

As a sponsor of this event, your company will get the visibility that it deserves and send the message that you are associated with and want to do business with elder markets.

All sponsors will have their company logo and contact information on all the marketing materials that are distributed to promote the 2024 National Elder Planning Issues Conference website and during the EPIC conferences. 

Your fee for sponsorship will be $600.00 + taxes per location, or $1500 + tax for all 3 locations. 

In exchange for your sponsorship

  • You will have a booth area set up for you. We provide a skirted table and chairs, but you are welcome to bring your corporate booth.

  • You will receive the opportunity to give a short "elevator" talk on what you and your company does.

  • You will get business exposure and a chance to connect with new relationships.

  • You will be featured on our EPIC website and in all marketing that is distributed.

  • You will also receive a listing of all the conference attendees after the conferences, so that you can follow up with them.

If you or your company want to advertise and market successfully today, then do so with our aging Canadians, with a company that specializes with aging knowledge. 

As Willie Sutton said, "Go where the money is... and go there often."

Please contact  with your sponsorship intent as soon as possible, so that we can get you on the EPIC conference site and in our marketing materials. 

Please let me know which locations you want to sponsor at $600 each, or all 3 for the reduced investment cost of only $1500. 

Consider this...Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them...William Arthur Ward


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