The EPC Designation program is primarily a Distance Learning program. Regardless of the option you choose, you will receive the EPC Designation Program Registration Booklet that includes a sample EPC Qualification Exam, the 4 module Desk Reference Materials & the comprehensive EPC Student Workbook that contains all the EPC chapter PowerPoints. 

VERIFIED CE CREDITS are available for any option you choose to complete the EPC Designation requirements. 

"Just attending" the class, OR participating in any of the other options, does NOT guarantee your achievement of the EPC Designation. An exam must be written in a supervised & proctored environment.  This closed book exam will be monitored and consists of 125 multiple-choice questions. A 70% pass mark must be achieved in order to be granted your EPC Designation. 


You have 3 options of attaining your EPC Designation

1. Enrol in one of the EPC Live & In-Person Exam Preparation Classes as availability permits. This is where our top notch CIEPS faculty will take the “nice to know” information out of the EPC program and give you the important “need to know” information for the purpose of writing your final EPC Qualification examination.

The Live Examination Preparation Class consists of 3 ½ days. Three days of classroom instruction and the half-day is for the purpose of writing your final EPC Qualification Examination.


2. Enrol in the EPC Live Exam Preparation Webinar class. With this option, you will watch a Live In-Person Exam Preparation Classes via Livestream webinar as if you were participating in the live in-person class. This option is conducted over 3 days.  After these sessions are completed, we will arrange for your Proctored final EPC Qualification examination. 



3. Enrol in the Distance Learning method of attaining the EPC Designation. With this option you will receive everything that you would normally receive by attending an EPC Live In-Person Examination class. You study on your own and then contact us when you are ready to write your final EPC Qualification examination.  


Please call Toll Free 855-882-3427 if you have questions regarding any of these options. 

Live Exam Preparation Class:
(3.5 - day onsite)
The 3.5 - day Exam Preparation Class $995.00 + TAX.
Distance Learning: The Distance Learning program is $1095.00 + TAX.
Webinar Learning: The Webinar Learning program is $995.00 + TAX.
Exam Re-write: $100.00 + TAX

4-Pay Payment Plan:
(credit card only)
Please note that some of our EPC Partners may not offer this option

CIEPS offers a convenient credit card payment option for the program. The 4-Pay plan allows students to evenly distribute the cost of the course over four monthly instalments. The 4-Pay option is available for registrations that are submitted online, by fax, by mail, or by phone.
There is a $25.00 administration fee for this option.

Single Pay:
(credit card, money order, cheque or t-ransfer sent to payments@ceips.com)

To pay your registration fee with a credit card, you may register online, by fax or by mail. To pay your registration fee with a cheque or money order you may register online or by phone and forward your payment for the amount of the registration fee, payable to CIEPS.

Annual Membership Dues

The first-year membership fee of $150.00 + TAX is waived upon payment of your tuition fee.

Credit Cards Accepted

E-transfer sent to payments@cieps.com also accepted (You do not require a password)

By Phone: Call our Office at: 855-882-3427
By Mail: CIEPS, 4438 Ontario Street, Suite 203, Beamsville, ON L3J 0A4
By Fax: Toll Free 866 209-5111
Online: Submit your registration through our website. ENROLMENT FORM


Our Cancellation Policy

  • You may transfer to another "Live" , or webinar class program.

  • You may transfer to the Elder Planning Counselor Distance Learning Program at an additional cost of $100 + HST/GST.  You will receive a USB with all the Faculty PowerPoint presentations contained on it to assist you with your study.

  • You may transfer your enrollment to someone else.  

If you choose to cancel completely within 14 days of your scheduled live class without registering for another Live Class or Distance Learning Program, you will be charged a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the tuition paid for the program. All materials must be returned unused in original packaging to us prior to any refund issued.

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