Upon successful completion of the EPC Designation program, you will receive your EPC Membership Package in the mail.


  • A “Successful Completion of Designation” suitable for framing certificate showing that you have met all the EPC requirements. See below for information on custom framing.

  • A receipt, unless previously given to you before.

  • Your CE certificate if applicable.

  • A press release, that you can customize with your name etc., for publication in your local media and on the World Wide Web.

  • An EPC logo in JPEG and .eps  format, depicting your EPC designation for advertising purposes. The .eps format is for your printer.

  • Monthly email newsletters designed to keep you up to date and informed of any timely information or changes in the Elder markets.


Elder Planning Counselor Membership Renewal Fees

Like any Professional Designation, there is an annual membership fee.  The first-year membership fee is waived with the cost of tuition. These membership fees are used to keep the materials current and maintain the program.

Membership fees are also used to help offset the costs of the Elder Planning Issues Conferences (EPIC) that are held on a regular basis.

Some of the additional benefits that the EPC Designation program provides you with are:

  • A growing membership of 3500+. This makes CIEPS not only the first elder program in Canada, but the fastest growing elder Designation program of its kind in Canada.

  • The ONLY program of its kind that has, and is partnered with Financial & Insurance Companies, Universities and Colleges across Canada.

  • An EPC Member Board dedicated to ensuring that CIEPS Best Practices procedures are followed.

  • A growing professional Faculty who are EXPERTS in their disciplines. We are always adding to the faculty to ensure that the EPC Designation program is delivered by the best available professionals in their fields. YOU have access to our CIEPS Faculty should you have any questions or if you need their advice. Many EPCs have found this to be a tremendous benefit when they are asked certain questions by their aging clientele, prospects, or family members that they cannot answer.

  • A growing list of companies that reimburse all or part of the EPC tuition for their Associates and Advisors when they successfully pass their EPC Qualification requirements.

  • The current edition of the Desk Reference materials is now in use. Continuous updates can be found on the EPC “Members Only” password protected website.

  • An online Resource page located on the EPC member site where you have access to additional materials to supplement your elder education and keep up to date on timely issues.

  • You will find a growing list of companies that offer discounts and additional value to all EPC's such as car rentals and many hotel discounts across Canada located on the EPC member site as well.

  • EPC Business & Announcement cards and EPC Certificate frames that can be ordered directly from the printer at a reduced cost to the EPC graduate.

  • This “Members Only” website also contains a "Forum" where you can dialogue with your peers!

  • The "PULSE" monthly newsletter delivered on a regular basis filled with timely information that you can use with your elder prospects and clients. Please always keep your email current with us so you can continue to receive these newsletters. 

  • An EPC public website where you will be listed so that the public can see where you are from if they need to access a professional who has increased their education knowledge to help them out with any issues that they have.

  • EPC Advanced seminars and the Elder Planning Issues Conferences (EPIC) on a regular basis to help you with keeping your elder knowledge current.

As the EPC program continues to evolve, more benefits will be added.

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