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STEP 2 - Tuition Fees

The classroom program tuition fee is currently $995.00 + Applicable tax
The distance learning program tuition fee * $1,095 + Applicable tax

All study methods include a comprehensive study guide and your first-year EPC membership is waived.
Participants must complete and pass a written examination at an authorized testing centre before being awarded the Elder Planning Counselor (EPC) designation.

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STEP 4 - Please select a Payment Plan for your program:  

Please note -
A $25.00 Administration Fee is added to the fee for all Students that wish to take advantage of our Installment
Payment  Option.

Option 1 - Full Payment

Live Class
$995.00 + Applicable tax

Distance Learning Course
$1,095 + Applicable tax

Option 2 - Installment Plan - Only available for live class

Live Class
$995.00 + $25.00 Administration Fee Applicable tax X 4 equal payments

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Mail or ICS cheques to

Canadian Initiative for Elder Planning Studies
203-4438 Ontario Street

Beamsville, ON
L0R 1B5

Note - Your designation will be granted when you have successfully passed the exam and your tuition is paid in full.

$100.00 Corporate tuition discount from the current posted tuition fee is available for groups of ten or more from the same company attending the same class. 

The annual $150.00 Elder Planning Counselor membership fee for the first year is waived upon payment of  the tuition fee. 

Cancellation Policy: 
Amount of tuition paid, less a $50 cancellation fee, will be refunded if the materials are returned
unused within 30 days of receiving same.


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