Mr. Mike Englert , B. Ed., EPC, Compliance Officer, Founding Faculty Member CIEPS - Bio - Mike Englert

Ms. Beverly Evans, CFP, TEP, CIM, EPC - Bio - Beverly Evans

Mr. John Groscki, B.Comm, CA., EPC - Bio - John Groscki

Ms. Rhona Konnelly, CLU., EPC - Bio - Rhona Konnelly

Ms. Marg Manias, CHS.,  LTCIS.,  EPC - Bio Marg Manias

Ms. Donna Ritch, RN., EPC - Bio Donna Ritch

Mr. Jim Ruta, CHS, EPC, Founding Faculty Member CIEPS - Bio Jim Ruta

Ms. Micheline Varas, B.A., CHS. RFC, EPC - Bio - Micheline Varas

Ms. Becky Wong - Bio - Becky Wong

Mr. Peter Wouters, RFG., AIAA., ARP., TEP., FLMI., RHU., CFP., CLU., CHFC., ACS., ALHC., CPCA., CHS., AFSI., EPC
CIEPS Advisory Council & Faculty Chair - Bio - Peter Wouters

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