Wyndham Fallsview Hotel (Old Four Points by Sheraton Fallsview)
June 2-4, 2024 - Niagara Falls, ON

Prescription or Diagnosis: where is your focus?

Sunday June 2, 2024 - Grand Ballroom

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM Registration in the Grand Ballroom


6:00 PM - 6:10 PM

Mike Englert B. Ed., EPC

  Founding Faculty Member, Compliance Officer CIEPS

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Opening Remarks & Introduction of Keynote Opening Speaker

6:10 PM - 7:00 PM

Opening Keynote Presentation

Laurie M. Martin, CTTS, EPC, Author, Educator, Speaker and Coach

Life Interrupted Inc. 

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Mastering Elder Conversations

This presentation will address the times when you need to have serious, thought provoking elder conversations, in good times and bad times.

Working in this essential profession provides many challenges and rewards. An Advisor's day-to-day responsibilities include not only dealing with professional demands but the human side where emotional demands are unimaginable to the wider community.

This session is thought provoking and will have you mindfully reconnecting with your professional skills for opening conversation during crises with Laurie's MasterClass.

Learn frontline strategies, real-life scenarios, and compassionate communication methods. Navigate emotional demands while prioritizing client needs. Gain rarely taught crisis perspectives for enhanced self-care, ensuring readiness for any life disruption.

Acknowledging challenges isn't a setback; it's an opportunity for growth, deeper connections, and enduring client relationships.

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Reception (Finger Foods, Punch) & Enjoy Niagara Falls
Monday June 3, 2024 - Grand Ballroom


7:00 AM - 8:45 AM


Breakfast at IHOP Restaurant / Registration in Grand Ballroom

8:30 AM - 8:45 AM

Official Niagara Falls Welcome - TBA

8:45 AM - 9:00 AM

Mike Englert B. Ed., EPC

  Founding Faculty Member, Compliance Officer CIEPS

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Opening Remarks - Mike Englert B. Ed., EPC


9:00 AM - 10:00 AM


Founding Faculty Member & Faculty Chair CIEPS

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Prescription or Diagnosis: Where is your focus?

What has made you successful so far? In part, it is your stored knowledge accumulated over the years and applied to your work.  Experience has increasingly counted for more. It's given you an edge and speed to respond.

Our rapidly changing world brings ever evolving standards, expectations and values. Crystallized thinking and intelligence meets fluid intelligence in an environment where new applied learning is key to success. Fluid intelligence involves the ability to reason and think flexibly, something that becomes more challenging for clients and advisors alike as we age. Here is a check on responsive, engaging best practices when dealing with an aging population and their families.

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Michael T. Danks, CLU., AIIC, EPC


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Questions To Be Answered Before You Diagnose

This pretty well sums it up... As you approach the age of retirement or taking it easy after many years of work, you will have to make some hard decisions about how to maintain your lifestyle once you are no longer working.

For many individuals, the thought of how to transition to the retirement phase of life has been little more than a passing thought now and then. It always seems so far away, then all of a sudden it is here. It is a notion that many assume should be put off for another future date because they have not planned for it.

Yet, putting off addressing retirement is simply something you can no longer afford to do. Now is the time to get answers to questions before you walk out of the office for the last time.

In this presentation, Mike will answer the following questions to help you and your clients determine if the right time is finally here to leave the work force and go to the next phase and start the new chapter.

Mike will cover the following points and answer the hard questions for you:

* Is retirement right for you?
* I lost my mojo (motivation)
* Retirement is not all about money
* What's your plan?
*27% of Canadians who retire regret it
* Retirement scares me
* Retirement worries?
* The best of both worlds for me
* Boomer worries
* Are you ready to retire?
* The following questions will help you build your plan. It's not the last quarter, it's the second half. You could last another 30 years.
* Being bored will not help you last longer
* What would you have done differently from age 30-60?
* Second chance
* The questions
* My prescription for success


11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Ellements Financial Group

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Elevating Your Financial Practice Beyond Numbers: The Power of Holistic Financial Planning

Financial Planners, Financial Advisors and Financial Professionals will benefit from this session as it will delve into the transformative impact of adopting a holistic approach to financial planning, emphasizing the interconnected nature of various financial elements utilizing the concept of the Wealth Trifecta.

Discover how integrating investment strategies, risk management, tax planning, and estate planning can not only enhance client outcomes but also elevate the overall effectiveness of your financial practice and exponentially increase your revenue.

Gain valuable insights into fostering long-term client relationships and set up your financial practice to achieve sustainable success by embracing a comprehensive, client- centric financial planning model.

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM 
Buffet Lunch Provided - Grand Ballroom

1:00 PM  - 2:00 PM

Amanda Richards BA, CPCA, EPC, Director of Business Development and Community Integration Organization

Chartwell Retirement Residences

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Enhancing Communication and Building Trust with Senior Clients

In this insightful presentation, professionals working with senior clients will discover invaluable strategies to enhance communication and cultivate trusting relationships. Recognizing the unique needs and challenges faced by seniors, the session explores the art of clear and empathetic communication.

Attendees will gain practical insights into adapting language, leveraging non-verbal cues, and patiently addressing cognitive and physical barriers. Cultural sensitivity and the importance of tailoring communication to individual preferences will be emphasized, empowering professionals to create inclusive and personalized interactions.

From handling difficult conversations with empathy to incorporating technology judiciously, this presentation equips participants with a holistic toolkit for effective engagement.

Through real-life case studies and interactive discussions, professionals will leave with the skills to navigate the complexities of working with senior clients, fostering meaningful connections and providing enhanced, person-centered care.

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Simon Reilly
Leading Advisor Inc.

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The Ultimate Deep-Dive Values Discovery Process and Examination Before Discovery

Most fact-finders fail because the fact-finder, both process and advisor delivering the fact finder, are all about the facts and not about both the facts and feelings that must be discovered and understood at both the advisor and prospect/client level to help prospects/clients discover and invest in what they truly want. 

Join Simon Reilly to learn the following vital understandings to help you implement The Ultimate Deep-Dive Values Discovery Process to help prospects/clients achieve the solutions they want seamlessly.

1. Discover your Value Proposition 
2. Examination Before Discovery - The difference between a consultant and a salesperson
3. The Ultimate Deep-Dive Values Discovery Process and Questions
4. The True Values Of Today's Successful Consultants  

Are you in consulting or sales?  

* Salespeople who move too quickly into the salesperson's perceived solution to what the prospects/clients need are often ill-prepared and unconfident. 

* Some salespeople fear going into a deep-dive discovery process that addresses facts and feelings.

* Without facts and feelings, it appears more straightforward for the salesperson to pitch the solution. 

* The salesperson wants to get the sale and run, often blaming the prospect/client for not buying the salesperson's ill-conceived solution.  

* Salespeople need to do their work on themselves to do their own deep dive discovery process, including facts and feelings.  

Let's face it: we are all aging, and your prospects/clients have seen every sales pitch known to humankind. A sales pitch is revolting, especially when the sales pitch has more to do with a salesperson's needs than with the prospects/clients's wants and values. 

Prospects/clients don't know what they want, and it is the values-based consultant's responsibility to help the prospect/client discover what they want so the prospect/client can decide on an interactive solution that the prospect/client will be happy with.  Prospects/clients will appreciate the consultant providing discovery questions to help them understand what they truly want.  

Whether in consulting or sales, The Ultimate Deep-Dive Values Discovery Process and Examination Before Discovery Presentation is for you to dive deeper into understanding yourself and your prospects/clients to help everyone achieve what they want.

3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Bev Evans, CFP, TEP, CIP, EPC

Retired Wealth Advisor, Portfolio Manager, CIEPS Faculty Member

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Structure Sets You Free

How do you ensure you stay on track as you navigate your client needs over the course of a busy year? Can you maintain balance with your personal life and demands?  Are you able to keep your stress level manageable while delivering great client outcomes and maintaining meaningful relationships?

Bev shares practical tools, techniques and best practices gleaned from over thirty years in wealth management. You'll come away understanding the value of a consistent, process-driven approach and an appreciation of why structure sets you free.

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Mark Halpern CFP, TEP, MFA-P


Mark's Bio

Is Strategic Philanthropy Part of Your Clients' Estate Plan?

You don't have to be Bill Gates or Warren Buffet to be a philanthropist! 

Mark will share how he helps clients go from success to significance through strategies you can use right now to help clients convert taxes into generous charitable legacies.

The results will be substantially larger life insurance sales, multiple referrals from clients, professionals and charities and the great feeling that comes from doing good and doing well!

5:00 PM
Closing Remarks, Adjourn & Enjoy Niagara Falls

Tuesday June 4, 2024 - Grand Ballroom

7:00 AM - 8:15 AM
Breakfast at IHOP Restaurant / Registration in Grand Ballroom


8:15 AM - 8:30 AM

Mike Englert

B. Ed., EPC

Founding Faculty Member, Compliance Officer CIEPS

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Opening Remarks
Mike Englert B. Ed., EPC, Compliance Officer, Founding Faculty Member CIEPS
8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Jim Kibble, BBA, CPA, CA, TEP, CEA

Ontario Estate Consulting Solutions Inc.

Jim's Bio

"Aunt Millie and Uncle Bob"

Jim Kibble is the founder of ONTARIO ESTATE CONSULTING SOLUTIONS INC. (www.ontarioestateconsulting.ca).

Jim is a chartered accountant who specializes in fee-only estate planning for about 100 clients each year across Ontario and beyond.

Over 20,000 people have heard Jim present his interactive case study workshop on "Aunt Millie and Uncle Bob" and the benefits they lost because they only had one will per person rather than two wills per person.

Come prepared to learn a lot and to laugh a lot as well.

10:00 AM - 11:00 PM


Senior Portfolio Manager

Blue Wing Advisor Group

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Emotional Hurdles To The "Conversation". Do You Hear What I Feel?

With age comes experience. For many of us, we have been through the trials and tribulations associated with aging whether it be through personal experience, or through the stories we hear.

Too easily we jump to the solution for our clients, which is pragmatic but may lack depth or emotion. If we were to take a step back and hear the emotion behind their words, would our response be more empathetic, and would we be willing to share our own story and vulnerability? Would this be what our clients need to move forward with decision making?

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Jennifer Koshul, EPC

Director of Business Development Ontario

 Assumption Life

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LIFE Beyond Diagnosis:
Insuring Canadian Seniors with Chronic Conditions

"In Canada, an often overlooked and distinctive market exists for ensuring financial security among seniors facing chronic health conditions. This demographic, regrettably underserved, presents a unique opportunity to address their specific needs and provide tailored solutions"

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Jim Ruta BA., RHU., EPC

Founding Faculty Member CIEPS

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Delivering Emergency Financial Advice

Ever been to the Emergency Room and seen how they work? Amazing really - and when you present with a life-changing medical condition there is little time to do a full review of your medical history and the problem is handled quickly and professionally. Later, when the emergency is over, there is time to go back and do the full medical review.

A financial situation can be the same. Some of our prospect's present with what could be life-changing financial conditions that require immediate emergency attention because time is of the essence when it comes to insurance. Top professionals handle these emergency concerns first and then do additional reviews when the emergency has been alleviated. It makes perfect sense - to the prospect!

Jim Ruta, FDFA will explain what he calls essential financial security and how sometimes you must deliver emergency financial advice to keep the prospect's best interest at heart. He'll explain what and how so you can triage your prospects most effectively and do the most professional job.

1:00 PM

Mike Englert

B. Ed., EPC

Founding Faculty Member, Compliance Officer CIEPS

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Closing Remarks, Adjourn & Have a safe trip home

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